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Air Conditioning Systems and Service in Chicago, IL

Summers in the Chicago area can get hot, with some extreme days reaching into the 90s. But even average summer temperatures are warm enough that you’ll need your home’s air conditioning system running to make everyone in your household feel comfortable. A broken AC, or one that simply can’t live up to your demands for cooling, can mean a miserable few months. To make sure that you never have to go through an unpleasant summer in Chicago, call on professionals to fix your air conditioning system or put in a new one that will get the job done.

If you’re looking for experience and skill in a Chicago air conditioning contractor, call Brilliant Home Services. We’ve served homes in the area with high quality air conditioning services since 1959. We offer same-day, on-time service and upfront pricing: it’s the kind of reliability you want when it comes to providing your home with comfort. Call us any time of the day or night.

How to Find the Right Air Conditioner Installation

If you’re currently in the market for a new cooling system—either a replacement or the first AC for a new house—you need to make sure that you choose the air conditioner carefully. There are numerous factors involved in correctly matching an AC with a home, and a wrong choice will mean poor comfort, massive energy waste, and the need to replace the system before its time.

This is why you must always work with licensed HVAC technicians for an air conditioner replacement or installation. The professionals will be able to determine the cooling output necessary to match the comfort needs of the house, and then locate an air conditioner that meets these requirements. They’ll then see that the new system is put in place fast and will work just the way it should for many years to come. Never trust this work to an amateur quoting a suspiciously low price. You’ll save money and time when you go straight to a professional.

Full AC Services, Including Repairs and Maintenance

No matter how well an central air conditioner was installed in the first place, it may eventually need to have repair work done to get it back into shape. Whenever you notice that your home’s cooling system is starting to lag, leaving hot spots around the house, call our technicians for repair work. We offer 24/7 emergency response because we know how vital AC service is when the heat is intense.

Also make sure that you arrange for annual maintenance for your air conditioner. This service should be done each spring. Once our technicians are finished inspecting and tuning–up your AC, it should run with few problems over the summer and keep your cooling bills low.

We Have the Air Conditioning Services You Need in Chicago

The expertly trained staff at Brilliant Home Services has the experience and tools necessary to make certain that you always receive high quality air conditioning work, no matter what the job is. We understand that your family’s comfort and happiness is on the line whenever an air conditioning system starts to malfunction, and we also understand how vital it is that you receive the finest new cooling system when it’s time for an installation. Place us at the top of your list when it comes to AC services in Chicago, IL and the surroundings areas, and we promise we won’t let you down!