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Central Air Conditioners in Chicago, IL

For many years, the most easily available air conditioning system for residential buildings was the compact window unit. Window units are still around, serving to keep apartments comfortable in the heat. But they’re not an effective, convenient, or energy-efficient method for cooling down a house. That requires a central air conditioning system, which sends chilled air throughout the rooms via a set of ducts. These split system air conditioners are by far the most popular type of AC found in houses today.

Your home probably has one of these central air units keeping it comfortable, or else you’re planning to have one installed in the near future. Whatever the case, call on Brilliant Home Services and we’ll handle the work necessary to see that you and your family enjoy excellent central cooling. We offer new installation, replacements, repairs, and routine maintenance for central AC systems in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas.

How a Split Air Conditioner Works

The standard central air conditioning system is known as a split system. The reason is that it consists of two separate units, one housed inside and one outside. The outside unit—also known as the condenser—is housed within a protective cabinet and contains a compressor, a fan, and a condensing coil. The indoor unit connects to the return and supply air ducts, and consists of a blower fan and evaporator coil.

The compressor in the outdoor unit places refrigerant at high pressure, raising its temperature. The refrigerant moves first through the outdoor condenser coil, where the fan draws outdoor air across it and causes the refrigerant to release heat and cool down. The refrigerant moves indoors, passing through a thermal expansion valve and losing more heat, after which it enters the evaporator coil. The blower fans moves air past the coils, where the air loses heat through evaporation. The cooled air continues into the ductwork to the rooms of the house.

Only Rely on Professionals for Central AC System Services

No matter if you’re looking to add central air units to your home, replace an aging central AC, or are looking to have your air conditioner repaired, you must call licensed HVAC professionals for the work. There’s simply too much at risk with amateurs. You could end up with a mismatched system, which is a common problem with split air conditioners when the indoor and outdoor units are not appropriately matched. There are many other things that go wrong that will result in you needing to schedule additional repairs or have the entire system replaced. Call our licensed and insured cooling technicians, and they’ll see that the work is done right the first time.

We Offer Central Air Units and Other Central AC Services

With our many years of history in the business of keeping homes in Chicago, IL cooled down, you can rely on us for any central AC system service that you need. We install the top brands and offer up–front pricing on the work, and if you’re in need of fast repairs, we offer 24/7 emergency service. Our technicians are also available for regular tune–up maintenance service to see that your air conditioner works its best year after year. Give Brilliant Home Services a call today, and we’ll be glad to go over your options for new central air units or other services for split air conditioners.