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Zone Control Systems and Service in Chicago, IL

You wouldn’t like it if every single light in your house turned on at the same time whenever you flicked on one light switch. This would be both inconvenient and incredibly wasteful of electricity. Yet most homeowners are glad to have their heating and cooling system work on this same cumbersome principle: each time the furnace, heat pump, or AC comes on, it sends conditioned air to every vent in the house, even if some of the rooms are unoccupied. You may receive the comfort you want, but you’ll end up wasting a large amount of energy to do it.

But there’s a way to avoid this problem, and it’s with the installation of a zone control system. If you want to take advantage of the many benefits that zone control heating and air conditioning offers a home, you’ve come to the right people. At Brilliant Home Services, we’ve satisfied our customers since 1965 with excellent comfort services. You can depend on us in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas for zone control system installation, repair, and replacement.

Advantages of Zone Air Conditioning and Heating

There are some obvious and not–so–obvious advantages to having zone control in your home:

  • Energy savings: For large homes, especially two–story homes or those that have guest rooms and other places that are frequently empty, a zone control system can mean a significant savings on utility bills. You only need to expend energy on the rooms that actually need comfort.
  • Personalized comfort: If you want to end bickering between household members over temperature settings, zone control gives you a method to do it. Everyone can manipulate the temperature in their own area with the local thermostats.
  • Even spread of heating and cooling: You can program the zones to turn on and off at different times to help create an even distribution of temperatures throughout the house without wasting power.

We Offer Full Zone Control System Services in Chicago, IL

As both a licensed electrical contractor and a heating and cooling contractor, Brilliant Home Services has a special level of skill when it comes to hooking up and servicing zone control systems. Our technicians can install zone controls into a new HVAC system, or we can retro–fit your current ventilation system for zoning. If you have older zone controls that aren’t working the way they should anymore, we can handle the necessary repair work, or replace the entire system with a new one. You only have to call our offices to arrange for the HVAC work you need done in Chicago, IL and we’ll take care of everything. We offer upfront pricing and great, affordable service.