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3 Benefits of Spring Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning System

Spring cleaning involves more than just getting organized and making your home look brighter and more inviting. You need “spring cleaning” for your air conditioning system as well to make sure that it’s prepared to handle another hot Chicago summer season.

However, this isn’t a cleaning job that should try to do yourself. In fact, you can’t: central air conditioners are complex refrigeration devices, and only professionals with the proper training should handle regular inspections and tune-ups—or any service, actually. Call our technicians to arrange for your regular spring AC maintenance.

Below are three major benefits you can expect if you keep up with professional spring maintenance year after year:

ONE: Higher energy efficiency

For every year that an air conditioner goes without maintenance, it will lose on average 5% of its energy efficiency rating. This means that you could be paying 25% more on your electrical bills to the run the AC after only a few years… without any improvement on performance. (Indeed, performance will probably decline as well.) If you stick with maintenance, you can expect your AC to keep its efficiency rating for almost all of its service life.

TWO: Longer system life

Speaking of the service life of your air conditioning system: maintenance is the best way to see that you receive the most years of cooling from your AC. Without maintenance, the mechanical components will wear down rapidly, and the air conditioner may not even make it to half its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan.

THREE: Avoid emergency repairs

This is the most immediate benefit of routine maintenance. Just like having a car tuned-up before a long road trip, a maintenance visit for an AC will see that it’s in the best state to make it through a long summer without encountering a major breakdown. You don’t want to scramble to schedule emergency repair service on the hottest day of the year, and maintenance will see that you probably won’t.

Call Brilliant Home Services in Chicago, IL to arrange for the central air conditioning services you need for a great summer.

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