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Is Your AC Tripping the Circuit Breaker? Let’s Find Out Why

The circuit breakers in your electrical panel are there to guard the electrical system in your house and to prevent fires from starting should equipment shorts out. One the appliances that can cause a circuit breaker to trip is the air conditioning system, and during a hot summer it isn’t a surprise that the heavy load on the AC can lead to a tripped breaker. If your air conditioner suddenly stops working, check on the electrical panel first before you call for repairs. Sometimes all you need to do is reset the breaker, and the AC will be back to normal.

But if the air conditioner is frequently tripping the breaker, you have problem that needs professionals to address. Here are some of the possible reasons for this to happen:

  • Problem with the electrical panel: The trouble may not be in the air conditioner, but in the electrical panel itself. Loose wiring in a circuit breaker can lead to it tripping unnecessarily. Our electricians can take care of the repairs for the panel. (Never attempt to tamper with it yourself!)
  • Dirty outdoor condenser coil: The condenser coil in the outdoor cabinet is responsible for releasing heat from the house. But it can’t do this effectively if it is covered in grime. The AC will start to overheat and draw on too many amps, causing the breaker to trip. Let HVAC professionals clean the coil with special chemicals.
  • A short in a motor: When one of the motors in an AC overheats, it will melt the insulation along the wires and allow for a short to occur. The breaker will trip to prevent a fire from starting. Technicians will replace the motor to repair this.
  • Grounded compressor: This is the most severe possibility. If loose wires in the compressor allow electricity to jump to the ground, it can fry the compressor. Usually, the compressor will need to be replaced. In the case of an old AC, replacing the entire system may be the best option.

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