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Some Additions to Consider with a New Air Conditioning System

You’ve decided that it’s time to retire your worn-down and inefficient air conditioning system so that you and your family can enjoy a much more comfortable summer. Great idea! We’re glad to be of service when it comes to an AC system replacement. But we would also like to offer you the best in other options that can make your new air conditioner work at its best and provide many more benefits. Below are 3 options to consider having done as part of a new system installation:

1. Zone Control

If you live in a large home, or a home that has a number of rooms that see only occasional use (such as a guest room), you don’t want to waste energy sending cool air to them. Unfortunately, the standard central AC system blows cool air to every vent in the house when it comes on, whether the room requires it or not. Zone controls allow you to divide up the ventilation system so that only regions in the house that need cooling receive it. (And zone control works with the heating system as well.)

2. Advanced thermostats

It’s advisable to have the thermostats in your house upgraded along with any new AC or heater. This way the thermostat technology keeps pace with the cooling/heating technology. This is also a great opportunity to take advantage of recent advances in thermostats, such as “smart” thermostat and Wi-Fi thermostats. You’ll get the most out of a new AC with new thermostats.

3. Air purifiers

Don’t just improve your home’s cooling! Improve its air quality at the same time. The right type of air purifier will help remove harmful contaminants from circulating through the ducts and your living spaces. Our technicians offer many options for air purification.

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