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The Great Benefits of Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats

What type of thermostat do you have in your home running the HVAC system? An old manual slider-and-dials model, or a no-frills digital display? It’s time for an upgrade! Even if you have a standard programmable digital thermostat, there’s a much better option just waiting for you: a smart Wi-Fi thermostat.

What exactly is a “smart” thermostat?

The “smart” technology in thermostats is their ability to analyze the way you like to heat and cool your home, and then use that information to develop a program that improves on it. A smart thermostat will look for ways you could save energy without making sacrifices for your comfort. Not only does the smart thermostat improve energy efficiency for your HVAC system, but it provides information about how you’re saving money and where you could improve it.

What about the “Wi-Fi” part?

A Wi-Fi thermostat gives you the freedom to control the thermostat from anywhere using an app on your smart phone, computer, or other mobile device. It also permits multiple thermostats in a home to communicate with each other.

Take, for example, the Ecobee3, which is a thermostat model that we install in homes. The Ecobee3 fixes a problem that standard thermostats have, which is that they only measure the temperature in one part of house, usually a hallway, and apply it to every room. This often leads to cold and hot spots. But the Ecobee3 uses remote Wi-Fi sensors placed in other rooms to measure the temperatures and address specific comfort needs. These sensors also measure occupancy to make smart heating and cooling decisions.

Thanks to a smart Wi-Fi thermostat in your home, you’ll have better comfort and superior energy savings around the year.

Are you interested in have an Ecobee3 or other smart Wi-Fi thermostat installed in your house? Then call Brilliant Home Services! We serve Park Ridge, IL and the rest of Chicagoland with the best in comfort.

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