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Why Can’t My Air Conditioner Keep Up with My Cooling Needs?

It’s predicted to be extremely warm summer in Chicago this year. We’re only starting to feel the beginning of it, but in July the heat will very quickly ramp up. Your air conditioning system will need to take on a lot of work to provide you with comfort through the summer.

But what if your AC seems to be struggling to deliver the comfortable temperatures you want in your home? In most cases, you should call on HVAC professionals to look into the problem and see what can be done to remedy it. Below are a number of the more common reasons for an air conditioning system to start to fall behind during the summer:

  • System age: Check to see how long you’ve had your current AC. More than 10 years? More than 15? In either case, you might be looking at a system that is wearing down past the point of no return. Regular maintenance will help a cooling system achieve the longest life possible, but it can’t stave off all the effects of aging. Your system’s troubles may simply come from it being too old, and you’ll need to replace it.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat: If the thermostat starts to sense incorrect temperatures in your home, it could lead to it running the AC less than it should.
  • Refrigerant loss: If leaks in the air conditioner have allowed refrigerant to escape, it will lower the system’s cooling power. Worse, it will eventually damage the compressor, so make sure you have repair technicians in as soon as possible.
  • Leaky air ducts: If there are holes in the ductwork of the ventilation system, they will allow cooled air to escape and raise the temperature of the rest of the air. This will not only make for warmer conditions, but also more humid conditions. You’ll need to have professionals seal the ducts.

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