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Landscape Lighting Inspiration

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Is your backyard in need of a ‘Refresh’? Oftentimes as the years pass us by we don’t even notice that the space we once dreamed of hosting dinner parties, roasting marshmallows with our children, or growing our own vegetable garden in has lost its feel of tranquility. Although, with all the work Brilliant Home Services has done in backyards, we can recommend an easy (and quick) fix to create a backyard that will get compliments at all your summer parties, and it’s simpler than you’d think! Adding landscape lighting can create a backyard that is stylish and

How Call Brilliant Can Help!

A great trick to create a backyard that will enhance your property and highlight your decor is to install landscape lighting. 

Most lights today are low voltage, underground circuit tracers have a harder time locating those buried boxes. So, when the lights stop working, if those boxes are buried beneath the mulch, it makes the repairs that much harder.

Many times, those boxes are in the ground and fill up with water. After you have turned off the power, check the connections in the box for short circuits where the moisture has caused the problem. If you need assistance, feel free to call us or contact us through the website. Click here for $25 off an electrical repair or installation.

Landscape Lighting Look book

Modern Landscape Lighting

Modern design encompasses clean, crisp lines and a color pallet that encompasses wood, steel, and metal. If you like a sense of simplicity and an industrial look; then modern landscape lighting might be for you! Check out some of our favorite designs to install in your home: 

Modern Landscape Lighting

Walkway Lighting 

Another great (and easy!) way to add landscape lighting to your home, is to add walkway lighting at the entrance to your house as well as if you have a path into or through your backyard. Here are some great ideas for pathway lighting: 

Fire and landscape lighting on stairs
Walkway Landscape Lighting


Maybe you are more relaxed, and have an interest in creating a backyard with layers, patterns, and textures. The two main types of boho design can be distinguished based on warm or cool colors. For a warmer color scheme opt for saffron, ruby, and golden yellow styles. If you are looking for cooler colors look for turquoise, jade, and amethyst. Most boho landscape lighting will have a warm glow and oftentimes be a neutral color- easy to pair with whatever boho theme you are planning for your backyard! 

Boho Landscape Lighting

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Are There Real Advantages of Home Automation?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Are There Real Advantages of Home Automation? 

What is home automation? In short, it’s the automatic control of household features, activity, and appliances. Many people still consider home automation to be mainly, a luxury- but we have found that it actually contributes to a lot more than that.

Overview of a Home Automation System.

The Intersection Between Home Automation and Children

A concern that many of our customers with children face is, what if my child is home alone and leaves an appliance on that could threaten their lives? Luckily, home automation can help with this. Home automation is advanced enough that you can monitor and receive notifications for when appliances are on and when doors are opened or closed. This makes it easier to leave your kids home with peace of mind. 

Home Automation To Prevent Break Ins

Have you ever gone out of town and had to leave on lights to discourage break ins? Although this is common, it leads to a high electricity bill by leaving outside lights on all day and night and lamps in your home. But, home automation solves this! By utilizing home automation you are able to turn on and off lights depending on the time of day, and even schedule lighting to go on and off so you don’t have to be worried on your trip.

Other Benefits of Home Automation 

Home Automation System Monitoring Appliances.

Have a greater control over energy use, home security, and appliance functionality. When owning a home, it’s key to be able to depend on a system that allows you to manage your home all from one place! You will be able to be one step ahead, and always be able to monitor your home even when you are away. 

Installations + Different Choices

Here at Brilliant Home Services, we recommend utilizing Eaton’s product line. Eaton is a reliable choice to keep you and your family safe with ease. Brilliant Home Services is a Eaton certified contracting company that will help you set up home automation so that it runs smoothly and allows you to control your home from the tips of your fingers.

Scope of a Home Automation System.

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Styling + Installing LED Lights for Winter

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

Here in Chicago, winters can be long, cold, and… Dark. Oftentimes, families find themselves without quality outdoor lighting which can lead to injuries on ice and snow. Despite this common occurrence we have an easy fix! 

When installing or assessing current lighting for your home ask yourself these three questions: 

  • How long do my bulbs last? (are they durable?)
  • Is my lighting choice energy-efficient? 
  • Does my lighting offer comparable or better lighting than other choices?

Despite lighting being such a common occurrence, many people aren’t aware that LED lights in particular are able to withstand the harshest and coldest weather conditions while still remaining energy-efficient; meaning LED lights are comparably better than any competing lighting on the market making it a great choice for lighting in the winter.

How to Style Outdoor LED Lighting

Tip #1: The most important thing to remember when installing LED lighting is to ensure the bulbs you are using are waterproof! 

Popular LED designs that feature waterproof lighting include vintage hanging bulbs that can be strung from umbrellas, trees, fences, or entryways! These lighting fixtures create a unique ‘boho’ style that decorates the landscaping of your home.

LED Lights in bulbs.

Tip #2: Choose the correct color of lighting for your home! 

When choosing LED lighting, there are different colors that will affect how your home looks, as well as how well-lit it is. LEDs provide clearer visibility with brighter emissions, but you may not find extremely bright lights to be what looks best on your home and may want softer (more yellow!) lighting that still serves a purpose of providing safety for your family.

Below are two different colors of lighting that are commonly chosen between when lighting your walkways in the wintertime:

Blue LED Lighting
Yellow LED Lighting

Tip #3: determine if LED string lights or bulbs are right for you! 

When choosing what type of LED lighting you are interested in installing, a common question is: what kind? The two large categories to choose between are string lights and bulbs. String lights are great for lighting walkways, for styling by wrapping around trees or on bushes.

LED Lighting on trees.
LED Lighting on a pathway up to your home.

Whereas, bulbs are often purchased with a more expensive lighting fixture that often creates a more modern look for your home. This type of lighting is oftentimes attached to your home, and makes it simple to replace bulbs! 

Check out some of our inspiration…. 

Wall Fixtures with LED Lighting.
Stairway LED Lighting
Modern LED Lighting.

Planning for Installation

When planning to install outdoor lighting of any kind, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals in order to ensure that you have the correct lighting, cords, and set up so that your lighting lasts you through the winter months! 

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Check Out Our Blog for the Latest in Electric and HVAC Technology

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Be sure to bookmark the Brilliant Electric Heating & Cooling blog for updates on the latest advances in Electric and HVAC technology.

We’ll feature money saving promotions here as well.

Call Brilliant Home Services for all your electrical, generator, heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, water heater, and commercial service needs.

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