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Do I Really Need Whole-House Surge Protection?

You probably have a number of important electronic devices in your home that you want to make certain are safe from sudden surges in the electrical system. Computers, television monitors, charging smart phones, entertainment systems, medical equipment, etc. Although using power strips for the outlets is a good idea and definitely a wise investment, they are not sufficient to stop all power surges. Yes, you do need to have whole-house surge protection!

What a Whole-House Surge Protector Does

Power strips are designed to provide local protection at an outlet. When the voltage rises above normal, the power strips cuts off the current to prevent any damage to the appliances plugged into it. But a whole-house surge protector is designed to redirect voltage spikes before they enter the home’s electrical system.

The protector is integrated into the household electrical panel. When it detects a voltage spike, the protector routes the excess power into the ground. This makes whole-house surge protector more effective at handling larger voltage spikes that otherwise might overpower a power strip and harm its components. For example, the massive power surge caused by lightning strikes, downed power lines, or accidents at local power plants are usually too much for a store-bought power strip to handle.

A whole-house surge protector also helps to defend the electrical system itself and prevent electrical fires. This is a defense that you don’t have with conventional power strips.

How Do I Hook Up a Whole-House Surge Protector?

It’s easy: you have professional electricians do it! This isn’t a DIY project, and to keep your household safe you must leave the work in the hands of licensed electricians familiar with local electrical codes and all the steps necessary to see that your home stays safe.

If you’re looking for whole-house surge protection in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas, just call on Brilliant Home Services. We’ve served Chicagoland since 1956!

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