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Are There Real Advantages to Home Automation?

remote-home-controlsThe idea of a “House of the Future” capable of running itself with minimal input from the homeowner is coming closer to reality. This futuristic vision will likely never come to full realization because people do like to have some sense of control in their houses. But the advances in home automation systems are impressive and allow people today to leave many minor tasks to the system.

But is a home automation system little more than a luxury, a fun gizmo that homeowners can show to their friends when they visit? It’s a good question that arises from confusion about what a home automation system does. No home needs automation, but all homes can benefit from them, and we’re going to take a look at how exactly home automation can offer advantages to your home.

Home Automation Basics

A home automation system, stripped down to the essentials, is a “smart” thermostat system that has branched out to control more parts of the home than the heating and cooling systems. A smart thermostat uses a computer program to analyze the settings a homeowner favors and environmental factors in the house to create its own settings to optimize both comfort and energy expenditure. Smart technology also permits the homeowner to control conditions remotely through an app on a smart phone or through a computer with Internet access.

Apply this smart technology and give the same thermostat control over security systems, lights, door locks, smoke detectors, etc., and you have a home automation system.

Why This Is Beneficial

  • Convenient and Time-Saving: The automation system handles numerous standard tasks in a house, such as adjusting the thermostat. The system figures out the ideal conditions for your household and adjusts itself accordingly. You don’t have to waste time going around your house turning on and off lights at routine times, because the automation of the lighting takes care of this for you.
  • Energy conservation: The most noticeable change that a home automation system provides is how it shaves away at energy expenditure in numerous places. This adds up to larger savings overall. Lights won’t be on longer than necessary, the heating and cooling system will work at levels designed to drop expenditure without lowering comfort.
  • Safety and security: A home automation system that controls door locks and the security system makes safety precautions even more effective. You can lock doors remotely if you forgot to, and the system will notify you through an app on your phone if there are security issues in your house. You can shut down appliances accidentally left on or plugged in, reducing fire hazards. The peace of mind you’ll enjoy is worth the price of the system on its own.

Because a home automation system requires customization, the installation must be done by electrical and HVAC professionals. And we’re both! We’ve been in the business long enough to have watched the emergence of automation technology and follow its developments closely. To find out more about how we can install a home automation system in Niles, IL that will provide you with convenience and energy savings, talk to one of our specialists.

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