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The Benefits of LED Lighting

For many decades, the standard lighting used in homes and businesses were incandescent and florescent. But rapid advances in energy-efficient technology have made LED (light emitting diode) lights more accessible. These lights offer numerous advantages, and if you are considering having a major lighting retrofit for your home’s indoor lighting, you should place LED lights at the top of your list.

Below are a few of the major benefits of LED lighting:

  • Energy-saving performance: LED lights are much more efficient at energy consumption than conventional lights, and on average use 75% less energy than incandescent lights. This not only has the potential to change your energy bills, it could fundamentally change the future of lighting in the country.
  • Longevity: A standard lightbulb will last between 1 to 3 years. But a LED light can last 25 times as long. This is because LED lights consume less power and are built for durability using epoxy lenses rather than glass. This is another way that you’ll save energy: you need to buy only one LED light where you otherwise need to buy 25 incandescent lights.
  • No heat: LED lights give off very little heat as they create illumination, so they won’t interfere with your house’s temperature and lead to you relying on your AC during the summer more than you should. This also means that LED lights are much safer, preventing combustion accidents and burned fingers.
  • Less power overload: You can string up to 25 LED lights to a single power socket and not have to worry about overloading it.

It’s true that LED lights cost more to purchase than incandescent and florescent lights. But when you look at all the ways they save you money, you’ll realize that they are a wise household investment.

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