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5 Reasons to Install a Boiler for Your Home

Although more homes use furnaces for cold-weather comfort than any other type of heating system, boilers are popular options and remain competitive. When you’re at point where you need to choose a heating system for a new home, a boiler will probably be on the list of options. Below is a list of reasons that you may want to go with a boiler rather than a furnace or other forced-air system.

1) Energy Efficiency

Boilers are among the most energy-efficient heating systems available. One of the reasons for this is that water is a better heat transference medium than air, so boilers can deliver heat faster and more effectively. Boilers also don’t lose heat through air ducts the way that furnaces and heat pumps can.

2) Long Life

The average gas boiler will outlive a gas furnace by ten years or more. This is because of the smaller amount of moving mechanical parts in a boiler; it won’t wear down as fast over time. A boiler gives you extra years to enjoy its energy-efficient performance and the savings that come with it.

3) Fewer Repairs

This goes in partnership with the long lifespan. With fewer moving parts, boilers don’t require as many repairs as furnaces and heat pumps do.

4) Even Heating

Because boilers use radiant heating (heat sent out in waves from a hot object) they spread comfort more evenly through a room. A furnace blows hot air out that rises right to the ceiling, taking longer to evenly distribute heating through a space.

5) Improved Air Quality

The ducts that furnaces and heat pumps use to send air to the different rooms are a major source of air pollutants such as dust, dander, and dust mites. Boilers have no ducts, and the heat they send out is free of contaminants. This makes a boiler an ideal choice for a home with people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

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