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Do I Need to Have My Heating System Maintained Again When I Did It Last Fall?

Summer is soon going to enter the rear-view mirror and then fall will arrive in Chicago. That means it’s time to begin to plan ahead for the cold weather. One of the most important steps for winter planning is to schedule a visit from an HVAC technician to inspection and tune-up a home’s heating system.

“But I did that last year,” you might think. “Does my heater really need this job done every year?”

The short answer is: yes, absolutely. We’ll get into the longer answer below.

Heating Systems Require Annual Maintenance

The schedule for maintaining a heater is a regular one: each fall, before the cold weather arrives. If you have heating maintenance done sporadically, it negates much of the good that the maintenance does in the first place.

Consider how much use your home’s heating system gets during a Chicagoland winter. You probably have your furnace, boiler, or heat pump operating every day starting in late November (and sometimes earlier) all the way through to the start of April. That is a tremendous amount of strain. It’s the equivalent of driving a car across country, and you would always want your car tuned-up before you started that sort of trip!

Without the cleaning and adjustments a technician does during maintenance, a heating system will age rapidly and begin to suffer from malfunctions, wasteful performance, and worst of all, it might abruptly fail on you during one of the coldest days of the year. Finally, regular maintenance for gas-powered furnaces and boilers is a crucial part of making sure they operate safely with little risk of gas leaks.

Maintenance only takes around an hour, and it’s easy to arrange for it during early fall—before the rush starts! Call our team today and get on the maintenance schedule.

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