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Why Is My Heat Pump Struggling to Warm the House?

Nothing can be more frustrating during another icy cold Chicago winter than to have a heating system that simply isn’t delivering the level of heat that a home needs. If you have a heat pump and you’re currently running into problems with cold spots around the house and what seems like a forever wait until people feel warm, you’ll want to know what’s wrong.

Let’s take a look and find out how to get your home pleasant once again:

Make sure you check over all the thermostats

We know this sounds obvious, but often a mis-set thermostat somewhere in the house, a bit of programming that hasn’t been changed, is at fault. See that all the thermostats are working and set correctly.

Short-cycling heat pump

Listen to how the heat pump is running. Does it seem to turn on and off rapidly, more than you expect? That means the heat pump is short-cycling, or turning off its heat cycle too early. That won’t give the system enough time to distribute heat throughout the home. You’ll need repair experts to check out the cause of the short-cycling. (Although we recommend changing the filter first if it’s clogged.)

Ductwork trouble

The problem might not be the heat pump, but the ventilation system attached to it. Air leaks along the ducts allow heated air to escape and the power of the heat pump to provide warm air around the house will plummet as a result. Ductwork specialists can seal up these leaks to solve the problem.

Dirty refrigerant coils

The indoor and outdoor coils of the heat pump must remain clean in order for it to properly absorb and release heat. If either becomes dirty, it will severely limit the system’s heating ability. Professionals use special cleaning foams to fix this.

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