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Why Won’t My Heat Pump Start Heating?

If you use a heat pump for your home comfort around the year, you rely on it switching over to heating mode when the first cold day of the late fall arrives. After all, that is what a heat pump is designed to do: smoothly change between running as an air conditioner and a heater.

But what if you turn the heat pump on in heating mode, only to find that there isn’t hot air coming from the vents? If the air is still cold, or it’s room temperature, then there may be something wrong with the heat pump that will require calling our HVAC professionals to fix it.

Let’s look at some of the possibilities for this type of heat pump malfunction:

  • Thermostat error: The first thing you should check when you notice the heat pump isn’t running the way it should is the thermostat. Is the thermostat set correctly? Something as basic as a mistake in programming can mean the thermostat won’t switch over to heating mode. The problem might not be a programming error, but the thermostat losing its connection to the heat pump; this needs professionals to repair it.
  • Broken reversing valve: One of the most common causes of a heat pump stuck in one mode or the other is a busted reversing valve. This valve is what allows the heat pump to change between heating and cooling mode. If the valve becomes stuck, the heat pump will remain in its current mode. In most cases, technicians will need to replace the reversing valve.
  • Compressor issues: The trouble might come from the compressor itself. If the compressor is fixed or it burns out, the heat pump will not be able to provide heating or Compressor damage can be expensive to fix, so call as soon as possible to have the malfunction repaired before it can grow worse.

You can rely on Brilliant Home Services to service your heat pump Park Ridge, IL and throughout Chicagoland. Contact us 24/7 for emergency repairs.

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