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How Should I Pick an Air Filtration System for My Home?

The most basic way to improve a home’s indoor air quality is to install an air filtration system that removes unwanted airborne contaminants from circulation. Although air filters can’t target all pollutants, in many homes they may be all that’s needed.

If you’re thinking about finding air filters to improve your household’s air quality, you need to understand that picking the ideal filtration system requires the assistance of IAQ experts like the ones on our staff. We’ll explain why below.

Not All Filters Are the Same!

Air filtration systems aren’t identical to each other, so there’s no “one size fits all” option. Air filters have an efficiency rating called MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) that measures how well they stop pollutants from passing through them. The simplest filters, such as the panel fiberglass filters found in window AC units, have a MERV of 2 to 4. More powerful pleated polyester filters, common for central home ACs, have MERV around 8. The powerful HEPA filter, often used in hospitals and laboratories, has a MERV of 14 or higher.

It’s important that you have a filter with a MERV that matches both your specific pollutant-removal needs and your HVAC system. The stronger the filter, the greater the resistance it will place against the airflow from the air conditioner and heater. If the filter is too thick to allow effective airflow, it will result in damage to the HVAC system because of the pressure increase. It will also cause a plummet in comfort and a spike in energy bills.

Your home will probably require a filter with a MERV between 6 and 13 (HEPA filters are rarely used in houses). When you contact one of our indoor air quality professionals, they’ll assist you with finding the filter that will clean your air while allowing you to still get the most from your comfort system.

Brilliant Home Services offers service to install air filtration systems in Park Ridge, IL and elsewhere in Chicagoland.

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