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Why You Should Have an ENERGY STAR Air Conditioner Installed

Monday, July 11th, 2016

People are always looking for ways to save money on their utility bills during the year. The summer is a time when homeowners are especially aware of energy demands, such as the amount of work that an air conditioning system handles. There are many ways that you can reduce the amount of energy that your home’s cooling system requires, such as installing a dehumidifier and a smart thermostat. But perhaps the best way is to replace an old air conditioning system with a new ENERGY STAR-certified model.


ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program created to help both businesses and individuals save money and help the environment through better energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR helps people make smarter choices by identifying products that meet the program’s requirements for lowering energy use and protecting the environment. When you see the ENERGY STAR label on a product, you know it meets the program’s requirements for high energy efficiency.

What Does the Label Mean Specifically for a Central Air Conditioner?

The program has a number of criteria for air conditioning systems to qualify for the ENERGY STAR label. The most important qualification is high energy efficiency, which is measured as SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating). The higher the SEER number, more effective the air conditioner is at converting electricity into cooling power. The current efficiency requirement for an air conditioner to receive the ENERGY STAR label is 15 SEER for split systems (i.e. a standard central air conditioning system). The system must also have low emissions of carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases.

Although you can have an ENERGY STAR air conditioner with 15 SEER, there are many models that do even better, up to 20 SEER. But you must make sure that you have professionals help you to choose the right model for your home. Although you should always look to an ENERGY STAR air conditioner, not all certified models are right for your home.

To arrange for an ENERGY STAR-certified air conditioner installation, call Brilliant Home Services. We serve Glenview, IL and the rest of Chicagoland.

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