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A Few Carbon Monoxide Warnings for the Winter

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Back in August we wrote a post about how important it is for you to have carbon monoxide detectors installed for your house if you use natural gas. As we’re getting closer and closer to winter and can expect to see even more use from our natural gas furnaces, it’s a good time to bring up a few important reminders about the dangers of carbon monoxide and how to keep your family safe through the season.

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The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Your Home

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Does your home use natural gas to power some of its appliances, such as a furnace, boiler, stove, or oven? If it does, then it must have one or more carbon monoxide detectors installed to protect you and your family from potential dangers due to carbon monoxide poisoning. You can contact our electricians to equip your home with the detectors that will do the job, as well as replace them when necessary.

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