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Landscape Lighting Inspiration

Is your backyard in need of a ‘Refresh’? Oftentimes as the years pass us by we don’t even notice that the space we once dreamed of hosting dinner parties, roasting marshmallows with our children, or growing our own vegetable garden in has lost its feel of tranquility. Although, with all the work Brilliant Home Services has done in backyards, we can recommend an easy (and quick) fix to create a backyard that will get compliments at all your summer parties, and it’s simpler than you’d think! Adding landscape lighting can create a backyard that is stylish and

How Call Brilliant Can Help!

A great trick to create a backyard that will enhance your property and highlight your decor is to install landscape lighting. 

Most lights today are low voltage, underground circuit tracers have a harder time locating those buried boxes. So, when the lights stop working, if those boxes are buried beneath the mulch, it makes the repairs that much harder.

Many times, those boxes are in the ground and fill up with water. After you have turned off the power, check the connections in the box for short circuits where the moisture has caused the problem. If you need assistance, feel free to call us or contact us through the website. Click here for $25 off an electrical repair or installation.

Landscape Lighting Look book

Modern Landscape Lighting

Modern design encompasses clean, crisp lines and a color pallet that encompasses wood, steel, and metal. If you like a sense of simplicity and an industrial look; then modern landscape lighting might be for you! Check out some of our favorite designs to install in your home: 

Modern Landscape Lighting

Walkway Lighting 

Another great (and easy!) way to add landscape lighting to your home, is to add walkway lighting at the entrance to your house as well as if you have a path into or through your backyard. Here are some great ideas for pathway lighting: 

Fire and landscape lighting on stairs
Walkway Landscape Lighting


Maybe you are more relaxed, and have an interest in creating a backyard with layers, patterns, and textures. The two main types of boho design can be distinguished based on warm or cool colors. For a warmer color scheme opt for saffron, ruby, and golden yellow styles. If you are looking for cooler colors look for turquoise, jade, and amethyst. Most boho landscape lighting will have a warm glow and oftentimes be a neutral color- easy to pair with whatever boho theme you are planning for your backyard! 

Boho Landscape Lighting

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