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Commercial Contractor Services in Chicago, IL

Commercial buildings need HVAC and electrical work just as much as homes do. In fact, it could be argued that they need more services because of the sheer number of people the average commercial building serves on a daily basis. You need large, robust systems to be able to offer the kind of service required to keep your employees and customers happy. That’s why you should always pick the best contractor you can find to handle your HVAC and electrical services for you. Brilliant Home Services offers a full range of commercial services throughout the Chicago area. If you need a commercial system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, we can help you out. Call today for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

We Offer Full Property Management Services

Keeping everything working properly in a commercial building can be a nightmare. It’s a lot of different systems to keep track of, each with its own set of needs and problems. So, why would you further compound your worries by going with a different contractor each time you needed one? We offer comprehensive property management services throughout Chicago, IL.

By just using one contractor for all of your property management needs, you’ll garner a number of benefits. All of your maintenance and repair records will be in one place, for example, allowing greater continuity when it comes to tracking chronic problems. You’ll also always know exactly where you stand with our business. The services we offer will remain reasonably priced, and after a few jobs, everything will run quite smoothly. Call us for more information about our property management services.

Other Commercial Services We Offer

These are just a couple of the many commercial services we offer:

  • Commercial Electrical: As we’re sure you can imagine, the average commercial building’s electrical system is immense and complex. Since the business most commercial buildings host probably grinds to a halt without power, it’s pretty important to keep the electrical grid in good condition. We offer a full range of commercial electrical services, from new system installation to rewiring and maintenance.
  • Commercial HVAC: The HVAC systems in a commercial building are a bit more important than those in a residential one. Most commercial buildings are designed to be pretty airtight, so the only airflow you get comes from the HVAC system. An HVAC system that doesn’t provide adequate circulation leads to a significant drop in indoor air quality, not to mention a drop in comfort levels during the more extreme weather seasons. We provide a full range of commercial HVAC services, to keep your commercial building cool and comfortable. If you have a light commercial system of 10 tons or under, give us a call today and schedule a service appointment.

No matter what your commercial needs are, Brilliant Home Services is here to take care of them for you. Our professional technicians have many years of experience providing commercial HVAC and electrical services. We’ll make sure that your commercial building is in the best possible operating condition all year round.