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Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Chicago, IL

Trust Us to Install or Replace Your Carbon Monoxide Detector(s)

You’ll want your carbon monoxide detector to be hardwired into your electrical system, and to have a battery backup, so that you can rely on it to function dependably regardless of issues like power outages or battery death. When we install your new CO detectors, or handle your carbon monoxide detector replacement, you can rest assured in knowing that your safety is protected. We come out to properly test your CO2 detectors per manufacturer's standards, and can test your smoke detectors at the same time! We utilize both small amounts of CO2 & aerosol smoke to ensure your devices will work when needed to keep your family safe.

Schedule Appropriate Carbon Monoxide Detector Maintenance Services

It’s important to schedule routine carbon monoxide detector maintenance services to safeguard you and your family’s health. When one of our electricians tests, inspects, and evaluates your carbon monoxide detector, you can count on it functioning properly. You don’t want to wait for the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning to set in before realizing that your CO detector is not functioning properly. Be sure to speak with a member of our team about the carbon monoxide detector maintenance services that you may need. We have all of the information that you’ll require in order to make informed decisions about your devices.

What Is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is generated by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, including those used in our homes. Wood, natural gas, oil, and other fuels generate carbon monoxide when they are burned. Of course, you cannot just stop using these valuable resources. However, their gases must be properly vented out of your home, which is why professional equipment installation is so important. Carbon monoxide proves so dangerous due to the fact that it is impossible for humans to detect on their own, as it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Protect yourself and your family by letting us install your carbon monoxide detector.

How to Tell When Your Carbon Monoxide Detector is Broken?

A consistently chirping battery alarm means "Low Battery Condition", although your CO2 detector isn’t ‘broken’ it will stop working if you don’t replace the battery as soon as possible. If you are struggling to replace the battery, give Brilliant Home Services a call!

CO2 detectors will also start beeping if they are defective. This can happen if the internal wires or sensors fail. CO2 detectors generally last between 5 to 7 years, so it is important to either replace your detectors at the 5 year mark, or to get them checked out by a professional to ensure they are still working properly.

Side Effects of CO2 Poisoning… And Why You Need a CO2 Detector in Your Home

CO2 poisoning is deadly; it occurs when CO2 builds up in your bloodstream. This happens when there is too much CO2 in the air.

CO2 poisoning symptoms to watch out for are:

  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Chest pain
  • Weakness

CO2 symptoms are often described as flu-like, and when too much CO2 is breathed in, you can pass out and/or die.

CO2 Sources in the Home

Educating yourself on where CO2 sources are in your home can prevent you from developing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Some common in-home CO2 sources are:

  • Wherever a material burns, the most common being fuel-burning appliances
  • Gas stove tops
  • Clothes dryers
  • Water heaters