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Lightning Protection Services in Chicago, IL

You have probably heard of surge protection, which will protect the electronics in your home from power surges as they come. You may not be familiar with more advanced lighting protection systems, though, which are designed to protect structures from the damage that a direct lightning strike can do. Lightning is a very real threat not only to properties themselves, but also to electronics and technological equipment that is so ubiquitous in this day and age. For comprehensive protection from lightning strikes on your property, we recommend that you consider allowing us to design and install your lighting protection system in Chicago, IL.

We are certified by Harger Lightning as a lightning specialist, and you can count on the specialists at Brilliant Home Services to evaluate an existing system or to design a brand new lightning protection system for installation on your residential or commercial property. Give us a call today to discuss your options. This is a complicated field, and you really need to know that your lightning protection contractors really know their stuff. Dial our number, and know that this is certain.

Is a Lightning Protection System Really Necessary?

A lightning protection system may not be as common in properties as, say, heating and cooling systems, but we certainly recommend their installation and use. Lightning is among nature’s most deadly forces, and the structural damage that it is capable of causing is profound. When you use a lightning protection system in Chicago, IL, you are protecting your property from structural lightning damage, fires, and surges that could do serious damage to your electronics and computer equipment. You are also protecting your family and pets from electrocution and other dangers. It is up to you to decide if all this is necessary, but it seems pretty clear cut to us.

We Not Only Install, but Also Custom Design, Lighting Protection Systems

Investing in lighting protection equipment simply is not enough to guarantee that your home and family will be protected from the awesome dangers posed by both direct and indirect lightning strikes. A comprehensive lightning protection system is complex, and must be designed to specifically suit your property. All systems will share components in common, including ground electrodes and terminations, surge suppression equipment, air terminals (or lightning rods), a conductor cable, bonding devices, etc. It’s a lot to keep in mind throughout the design and installation process, so you need to know that your contractor is capable of keeping track of the many considerations required. Our Harger Lightning certification means that we excel in these services, and that you can trust us to protect your home and that which is most important to you.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Lightning Protection System Repairs or Maintenance

You seriously don’t want to wait for lightning to strike before realizing that your lightning protection system is not functioning properly. Professional lighting protection system maintenance will help to ensure that every component in your system is operational and that you can count on an airtight performance when you need it the most. If your system suffers damages in any capacity, you need to have your system repaired immediately. You never know when lightning may strike, and an incapacitated protection system is of no use to anyone. When you need lightning protection system repairs, you need to schedule service with one of the certified electricians on our team.