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Lightning Protection Services in Chicago, IL

Call Brilliant Electricians are certified by Harger Lightning as a lightning specialist, and can:

  • Evaluate an existing system
  • Design a brand new lightning protection system for installation
  • Work on residential or commercial property

Advanced lighting protection systems are designed to protect structures from the damage that a direct lightning strike can do. Lightning is a very real threat to properties, electronics, and technological equipment.

For comprehensive protection from lightning strikes on your property, we recommend that you consider allowing us to design and install your lighting protection system in Chicago, IL.

Is a Lightning Protection System Really Necessary?

When you use a lightning protection system in Chicago, IL, you are protecting your property from:

  • Structural lightning damage
  • Fires
  • Surges that could do serious damage to your electronics and computer equipment.
  • Family and pets from electrocution and other dangers

We Not Only Install, but Also Custom Design, Lighting Protection Systems

We can design a comprehensive lightning protection system to specifically suit your property.

All systems will share components in common, including:

  • ground electrodes and terminations
  • surge suppression equipment
  • air terminals (or lightning rods),
  • a conductor cable,
  • bonding devices,

Our Harger Lightning certification means that we excel in these services, and that you can trust us to protect your home and that which is most important to you.