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Generator Systems and Service in Chicago, IL

When you were a kid, you may have found the occasional power outage kind of entertaining. Perhaps you played a game of hide and seek with your siblings, or sat around a table by candlelight telling spooky stories. Whatever the case, we're willing to be that now, as an adult, you view power outages quite differently: as the annoyances that they are. In some instances, though, power outages are more than annoying. They can be incredibly inconvenient, and may even lead to dangerous situations in certain cases.

If you want to keep your entire home up and running, even when the power does go out, just give us a call to inquire about the installation of a whole-house generator or automatic standby generator in Chicago, IL. Using a whole-house generator is a great way in which to stop your day from grinding to a halt just because the power has gone out. You can count on Brilliant Home Services to install and services your generator with the skill and expertise that the job demands.

Why Invest in a Whole–House Generator?

With our snowy winter seasons and frequently strong winds, a power outage is a very real possibility in the area. Where you may live, though, there is always a potential for the power from the grid to fail you. While portable generators may be fine for keeping a few electronics running by plugging them directly into the system, this is not exactly an ideal way in which to keep your whole house up and running. By investing a whole–house generator, which is wired right into your electrical system, though, you can do just that. You won’t have to worry about picking and choosing the systems that you run off the generator, nor will you have to plug everything in manually. With an automatic transfer switch, you won’t even have to be around in order to start up your whole–house generator in Chicago, IL on your own!

Do I Need a Professional Generator Installation?

A whole–house generator, as mentioned above, must be wired directly into a home’s electrical system, which is reason enough, we think, to prove that a professional whole–house generator installation is necessary. This is not the only reason to schedule a professional house generator installation, though. You also need to know that your generator is going to handle the demand that you’ll put on it, that it uses a fuel appropriate for your area and personal preferences, and that it is manufactured by a trustworthy manufacturer. We will make sure that your system suits your needs properly, and we install systems from some of the most trusted names in the industry, including Briggs and Stratton, GE, Koehler, and Cummins. Call today to discuss your options.

When Should I Call for Generator Repairs?

You really don’t want to wait for a scenario in which you’ll need your generator in order to realize that you are in need of generator repairs. Of course, this is a system that you won’t really be using, hopefully, on a regular basis, so operational problems may not be immediately noticeable. Keep in mind how important scheduling routine generator maintenance is, as this can help you to diagnose problems early on. Also, remember that your generator should run self–tests in predetermined intervals. If problems are detected, be sure to schedule generator repairs with us as soon as possible.