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Indoor Air Quality Services in Chicago, IL

Home comfort is about more than finding the right temperature that will keep everyone either warm or cool. Comfort is also about the quality of the air moving through the house—and unfortunately, this quality is often much lower than people would like. Airborne pollutants, imbalanced humidity, and other irritants can combine to make a house both unpleasant and even unhealthy. But “airing out” a home by opening up windows and doors will end up causing an uncomfortable gain or loss of heat.

However, you can enjoy improved indoor air quality thanks to the experts at Brilliant Home Services, where we install a variety of air quality systems that will remove contaminants from the air and balance humidity levels. Our technicians are also skilled with repairing and sealing ductwork to help with the best ventilation possible. Call us today for service in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas.

Why Your Home May Need Indoor Air Quality Installations

The reason that so many modern homes, yours included, have issues with inferior indoor air quality is because very little fresh air is permitted to circulate through the rooms. This causes chemicals and compounds from household products and appliances to start to build–up without any escape. Your home contains numerous sources for air contaminants: paint, cosmetics, cleaners, carpets, pets, and more. The insulation on your home that keeps it energy efficient in hot and cold weather doesn’t give outside air much chance to sweep away these pollutants. But thanks to IAQ professionals like those at Brilliant Home Services, you can have much cleaner air while maintaining an energy–efficient home.

We Install Air Quality Systems

Our technicians offer a number of excellent air quality systems for homes. Talk to them and they’ll help you discover the ideal ones to meet your needs:

  • Air filtrations systems: These are one of the standards for improved air quality. Filters of mesh fibers attract and trap unwanted particles as they try to pass through, keeping them from your air.
  • Air purifiers: There are many types of air purifiers that work through different methods. One of the most common uses ionization to draw down small pollutants from the air that might slip through conventional filters. UV air purifiers use ultraviolet light to eliminate organic pollutants such as mold spores.
  • Humidifiers/dehumidifiers: Imbalanced humidity—either too try or too humid—is both a comfort and health issue for a home. Let our specialists install the devices that will correct these problems.

More Indoor Air Quality Services in Chicago, IL

Our team of IAQ experts does more than install air quality systems. They also take care of repairing and maintaining them so they continue to perform their useful functions for your household. We have ventilation specialists who will work with your ducts to see that they aren’t leaking air, and will take care of repairing them and sealing them if they are. This will not only prevent dust, dirt, and other particles from entering the ventilation system and then your home’s air, it will also see that the HVAC system work at peak energy efficiency.

To find out more about the indoor air quality services at Brilliant Home Services or to schedule work, simply give us a call.