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Air Filtration Systems and Service in Chicago, IL

Homes today do not receive much outside air flowing through them because they’re insulted from the outdoors so they won’t lose heat in the winter and gain it in the summer. But fresh air serves the important job of helping to sweep away indoor concentrations of air pollutants. When a house is closed up for days and weeks, the pollutants accumulate until they can make the indoor air dusty, stale, and unhealthy.

Combating poor air quality during most of the year requires special installations. The most common air quality system is the mechanical air filter, which traps unwanted particles while letting air pass through. The right type of air filtration system can do marvels for a home’s air. Call Brilliant Home Services, and let our indoor air quality experts help you find the best filters for your home in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas.

Why Air Filters Are Sometimes Necessary

Even the cleanest home will have unwanted pollutants flowing around through its ventilation system: there are simply too many sources of contaminants inside a house for you to avoid them. Although your AC and furnace has an air filter on it, this particular filter isn’t designed to clean the air you breathe, but to protect the interior of the HVAC system from damage. In order to actually remove unhealthy particles such as pollen and dander from the air, you must have specially designed air filters integrated into the HVAC system. These filters use meshes of fibers that attract and trap air pollutants.

Finding the Best Air Filters for Your Home

The effectiveness of an air filter is measured as MERV, "Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value." The higher the MERV rating, the more powerful the filter is at trapping smaller particles. The simplest filters, with MERV 1–2, are the types found on window unit ACs. More powerful filters, such as MERV 8, will stop most dust, dirt, pollen, lint, dust mites, and other particles down to 0.3 microns in size. There are even more effective filters, such as the HEPA filter, with MERV ratings of 13 and above.

However, you cannot simply pick the most powerful filter available for your home and have it installed. The thicker the weave of the filter, the more it will impede airflow. This will end up damaging your HVAC system and your indoor comfort. To find the best balance of filtration and airflow for your home, make sure that you have an IAQ professional assist you with selecting the filters and installing them.

Call Us for Great Air Filtration for Your Home

We’re a family–owned and operated business, and have been since 1956. We understand how important it is that your family enjoys a healthy and comfortable life in your house. That is why we offer indoor air quality services, such as installing air filters and providing repairs and replacements to keep them working. We’ll start with locating the ideal air filters to match your HVAC system, and pair them if necessary with air purifiers so that only the cleanest air reaches your rooms. You only need to give us a call Brilliant Home Services to arrange for the air quality that you deserve in Chicago, IL.