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Air Purifier Systems and Service in Chicago, IL

The list of pollutants and contaminants that can float through the air of the average home is often alarming. It doesn’t matter how clean of a house you keep, these airborne irritants will find ways to enter the air ducts then spread around the house, triggering allergy and asthma attacks and even creating health worries for people who don’t otherwise suffer from respiratory trouble. Standard mechanical air filters can only do so much against these contaminants, especially gases, chemicals, and microorganisms. It often requires the power of an electronic air purifier to solve such problems.

Are you searching for air purification solutions for your house in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas? Then the experts to contact are at Brilliant Home Services. We offer excellent, affordable service from a staff of trained experts. Let us see that you have a healthy and comfortable house!

How Do Whole–House Air Purifiers Work?

Although there are a number of different methods that air purifiers use to cleanse indoor air, these are the two most common air purifiers installed in residential buildings:

  • Electronic air cleaners: This purifier uses ionization to alter the charge of the larger particles moving through the air an HVAC system. The ionization causes the particles to lose or gain an electron, which makes them either positively or negatively charged. A pair of collecting plates on the air cleaner then attracts these charged pollutants and traps them. The plates are easily removed in order to be cleaned.
  • UV air purifiers: These air quality devices are designed for the elimination of organic pollutants, specifically mold, bacteria, and viruses. The purifier uses ultraviolet lamps to disrupt the cellular structures of the unwanted organic growths, which destroys them or render them inert. Professionals can install UV lights so they present no danger to anyone in a household.

Installing the Best Air Purifiers for Your House

With many choices available for air purifiers, the best way to ensure that you end up with the right one is to call on indoor air quality specialists from the start. You will need their assistance eventually anyway in order to have the air purifiers installed into the HVAC system so they will work correctly Most air purifiers are paired with mechanical air filters that take trap larger contaminants, and leave the air purifier to handle the minute pollutants that will slip through the filter mesh. A trained expert knows how to find the best air purifier and filter combination.

More Air Purification Services in Chicago

Brilliant Home Services has a long history of helping homes in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas enjoy high quality air. Our technicians not only install new air purifications systems, they also offer services to repair and replace them when the time comes. Regular maintenance, scheduled seasonally along with your HVAC equipment, will see that your air purifiers remain in the condition you need them to be.

To find out more about the air purifiers that we offer, or to discuss other options for great indoor air quality such as air filters and humidifiers, simply call our office today. We offer same–day service.