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Dehumidifier Systems and Service in Chicago, IL

One of the major obstacles to staying cool during hot weather isn’t the heat—it’s high humidity. A muggy day outside can feel pretty unpleasant, but there isn’t much you can do about it. However, you can do something about high humidity inside your house, and it’s definitely a good idea, since dehumidification will not only improve your comfort but it will also guard your house from water damage and the growth of unhealthy molds.

Balancing the humidity levels in a house takes a whole-house dehumidifier, a device that an HVAC technician integrates into your home’s comfort system so that it won’t make your indoors accidentally too dry. Brilliant Home Services offers all the services you may require for dehumidification in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas: new installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Call us today and we’ll help you get started with a more comfortable home.

The Reasons Homes May Need a Whole–House Dehumidifier

High humidity, as we mentioned above, is a major problem for comfort during warm weather. When the moisture level in the air is high, it restricts the ability of the human body to release heat through the skin by perspiring. This traps extra heat within the body that makes the temperature of the air feel more stifling hot than it actually is. When a dehumidifier lowers the relative humidity down to 50%, it makes hot temperature much more tolerable. This also helps a home save energy, since the AC will need to run less.

Homes may also need dehumidifiers to help prevent water damage and other health concerns. Moisture forming along surfaces can lead to wood rot and other troubles. It also encourages the growth of molds, which are a major detriment for healthy indoor air.

How a Dehumidifier Works

A whole–house dehumidifier operates in a fashion similar to an air conditioner. In fact, air conditioners do have some dehumidifying properties, although they’re rarely enough to create balanced humidity in a home. As an AC absorbs thermal energy from the ambient air, it also causes moisture in the air to condense along the evaporator coil. What a dedicated dehumidifier does is use the same process of refrigerant moving through an evaporator coil the remove moisture from the air through evaporation. It then drains out the water into the plumbing system. But the dehumidifier re–heats the dehumidified air so that it doesn’t cause an imbalance with the air conditioner. Technicians will see that the two systems work in conjunction with each other.

When You Need the Best Dehumidifier Service, Call Us!

Installing a new dehumidifier for a home is a difficult project, and you need to make sure that you have professionals take on the work. But once your whole–house dehumidifier is working, that won’t be the end of the services it might require. A dehumidifier needs regular maintenance, just like your air conditioner, and you should schedule inspections and services for it at the same time your AC receives them. And dehumidifier repairs are something you may need to call professionals for at some point.

No matter what you need for proper humidity balance in your home, you can count on Brilliant Home Services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas to take care of you. Contact us today for any service you need for a whole–house dehumidifier.