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Duct Sealing Services in Chicago, IL

The ductwork that serves as the channels for distributing heated and cooled air around your home must remain as airtight as possible. This way the air pressure in the ducts can be maintained, and the rooms throughout your house will receive the comfort they require. But ducts can sustain damage as well as wear down from regular use, and air leaks are a common problem. These aren’t problems that you can ignore either, since they will lead to serious consequences for comfort, energy costs, and even health.

When you suspect that you have a faulty and leaking network of ducts in your home, call on the trained specialists at Brilliant Home Services. We have many years of experience serving the ventilation needs of Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas. We will handle testing your ducts to check on their condition, and then seal them so that the HVAC system is airtight once again.

How Do I Know I Need to Seal My Ducts?

Small ventilation air leaks can be difficult to detect, especially considering most of the ducts in a house are hidden behind walls and floorboards. You’ll have to detect air leaks from other warning signs, such as:

  • A rise in heating and cooling costs: Leaking ducts can lead to up to 30% of the air inside an HVAC system escaping. That’s air you pay to heat and cool that just goes to waste, and this will show up as a marked increase in your utility bills.
  • Odd odors or sounds from the vents: The air that can enter through gaps and holes in the ducts comes from closed off and dusty parts of the house, and it can create a strange odor. It may also cause the ducts to rattle and make unusual noises when the blower fan is running.
  • Decline in comfort: Duct will either lose or gain heat from holes in the ductwork, causing air coming from the vents that’s the wrong temperature from what you want.

The Benefits of Professional Air Duct Sealing

Yes, you must have ¬professionals handle duct sealing. Store–bought duct tape won’t do the job! In fact, this type of duct tape isn’t even useful for ducts. Professionals use special tools, such as metallic tapes (the true duct tape) and mastic sealant, to close off the air leaks and restore the integrity of the ducts to what they should be.

You will notice the benefits almost immediately. Your air conditioning and heating bills will go back down to their normal levels. The air flow from the vents will be at their regular level again, and you’ll enjoy the full comfort you expect from your HVAC system. You may even experience fresher, healthier air quality.

Sealing Ductwork in Chicago Is Our Job!

Since Brilliant Home Services started in business in 1956, we have taken care of home ventilation systems with professionals services such as duct testing, replacement, repairs, and sealing. If you have concerns about your HVAC system and its performance, simply give us a call to arrange for duct testing. The tests will allow us to find out the extent of the problem and whether duct sealing will fix it, or if we need to arrange for more extensive duct repair or replacement work. Our technicians always use the best tools to complete any job, so you can count on a restored HVAC system. You comfort is our top priority in Chicago, IL!