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Duct Testing in Chicago, IL

In order for the HVAC system in a building to work at peak efficiency and effectiveness, it must have ductwork with airtight sealing. Leaks along the duct walls permit air to escape, leading to a decline in the air pressure. This will have a negative effect on the whole system, forcing the blower fan to work longer to compensate and causing a drop in air flow from the vents that lowers indoor comfort levels. In order to find out if your ducts are suffering from leaks and other issues, you must have them tested.

If you’re wondering how to test ducts, don’t worry: this is a job for professionals. Namely, us! Brilliant Home Services provides professional duct testing services for Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas. Schedule the work with us, and we’ll see that you receive a complete report on the condition of your ductwork that will help you know what you need to do next. If that requires duct sealing, repairs, or replacements, you can rely on us to take care of it.

When Should I Schedule Duct Testing?

You can either schedule duct testing on a regular basis, or on a basis of need.

  • Regular duct testing should be done every 3–5 years, around the same frequency that you schedule duct cleaning services. That’s enough time for stress to create air leaks, and it’s a wise idea to find out what shape the ductwork is in before such problems become more serious.
  • Duct testing is necessary when you start to detects signs that the HVAC system isn’t working as well as it should. Are your heating and cooling bills rising without explanation? Are there odd smells and noises emanating from the vents? Is air flow from the vents dropping? Then it’s time to have the ducts professionally inspected.

What Will Duct Testing Tell Me about My House?

The purpose of duct testing is specifically to see how well the ductwork maintains internal air pressure. The professional testers will use a special vacuum to raise the pressure inside the ventilation system when all the vents are sealed up. Using manometers and other devices, the professionals measure the speed at which pressure in the ventilation system drops. The faster it drops, the more the integrity of the ductwork has been compromised.

Once the technicians have completed the tests, they can tell you if the ducts need work, and how much work they’ll need. In most cases, sealing will fix the problem. But in other cases, you may need to have more extensive repairs done, or perhaps replacement ducts.

Rely on Us for Your Duct Testing in Chicago

Because of the extensive equipment needed for duct testing, as well as the knowledge required to analyze the results, only highly trained and licensed technicians are capable of doing this job. The right people are on staff at Brilliant Home Services, where we have many years of history of working with commercial and residential ventilation systems. Not only do we perform residential duct testing, but we also provide the necessary repair and restoration work, including duct sealing and duct replacements. Whatever work you need to restore your home’s ventilation system in Chicago, IL, you can always depend on us for it! We offer same–day and on–time service.