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At Brilliant Home Services, we believe that homeowners deserve to live comfortably and with great convenience. Considering all of the tools, systems, and devices that we have at our disposal in this modern age, doing so doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Just keep in mind, though, that your home requires more than great HVAC, electrical, and indoor air quality systems in order to maintain great comfort and convenience. It also demands the level of service quality that only skilled, trained professionals have to offer. That’s where we come in.

We employ some of the finest heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians, as well as electricians, in the industry. When you work with our staff, you can expect nothing shy of exceptional electrical, HVAC, electrical, and generator services in Buffalo Grove, IL. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive service offerings.

We Employ Only Professional Electricians

No matter how handy you may be, and no matter how extensive the contents of your tool cabinet, you seriously cannot afford to take your electrical system into your own hands. When you require any type of electrical service, you must call in a professional electrician in Buffalo Grove, IL. Ours fit the bill. Not only are our electricians licensed and extensively trained, but we are also a Harger Lightning certified lightning specialist. Contact us work with electricians that you can trust.

Electrical Rewiring Must Be Handled by Qualified Electricians

There are various circumstances in which you may find yourself in need of electrical rewiring services. Whether you just want some lighting upgrades in your home, or you have some code violations that need to be addressed, we’re the pros to call. The electrical wiring in your home is extensive, but we have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle your rewiring services properly.

Explore Your Air Conditioning Options

Whether you need to schedule prompt AC repairs, or the time has finally come for an air conditioning replacement, know that you can turn to our staff in order to ensure that the job is handled with the requisite skill and care. You need to be able to cool your home effectively, but you should also be using a system that suits your user preferences. That is why we encourage you to review our site and to familiarize yourself with the various systems available to you.

Schedule Your Heating Services in Buffalo Grove, IL with Our Staff

Our winter weather can get quite uncomfortable in this part of the country. If you are serious about keeping yourself and your family warm and comfortable throughout the coldest time of the year, it is necessary to schedule your heating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services with qualified heating technicians. Look no further. We’re happy to replace an old, ineffective system with a new one, or to complete the routine maintenance service that your system needs to succeed.

Furnace Repair and Replacements Are Matters of When, Not If

Furnaces rank among the most popular of all home heating systems consistently, and it is not difficult to understand why. You must keep in mind, though, that no heating system is 100% reliable. We can complete your furnace repairs as needed, and you can turn to us for a full furnace replacement when and if your system is no longer capable of heating your home effectively or reliably.

Do You Know All of Your Water Heater Options?

When most homeowners think of water heaters, their thoughts automatically turn to the tank water heaters that so many of us grew up with. There are also other options to consider, though, including tankless water heaters, which eliminate the need for a storage tank entirely, and heat pump water heaters, that use existing heat in the air surrounding their tanks in their heating of water for use throughout the home. Consider all options before investing in a new system.

We Install and Service Whole–House Generators

As a child, a power outage, like most things, could be a fun experience. When you’re an adult, though, thinking about getting dinner on the table and other such affairs, a power outage is a serious inconvenience. It can even lead to unsafe situations. Fortunately, you can hire our staff to install a whole–house generator on your property. That will help you to make it through any power outage unscathed. We’ll make sure that your generator is appropriately sized for your needs, and expertly installed.

Let Us Help You to Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality

From humidifiers to the latest in air purifiers, the IAQ technicians on our staff have what they need to help you to enjoy air of a higher quality in your home. If the air surrounding you at home is of a low quality, then there is no way in which you can hope to live comfortably, not to mention healthfully. Give us a call today if you have any concerns about the quality of the air filling your living space.

Call for Commercial HVAC Services in Buffalo Grove, IL

Are you concerned about providing everyone in your commercial space with a comfortable environment? You should be. When people visit your space, or show up to work or shop, they deserve to be met with a comfortable place in which to do so. That is why you should hire our commercial HVAC technicians to install and service your heating and cooling equipment for you. Do you need any electrical services completed in your commercial property? You’re in luck! We just so happen to employ some remarkable commercial electricians as well.