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Do you own a residential or commercial property? Do you want to ensure that every single individual within those properties is comfortable at all times? If so, then you cannot go wrong in dialing our number. Brilliant Home Services has made a name for ourselves by providing our residential and commercial customers with the level of quality service that they need to live and work in comfort. Call today, and discover the best in electrical, HVAC, and generator services in Elmhurst, IL. With our technicians and electricians on the job, you can count on it being done right.

All Electrical Services Require Professional Electricians

You absolutely must hire a professional electrician if you hope for your electrical system to function both effectively and safely. Electricity is, without a doubt, one of the most vital resources that we have in this day and age. Just be sure that you are able to use it safely in your home or place of business. Not only are our electricians licensed and certified, but we are also a Harger Lightning certified specialist.

Need Electrical Rewiring to Bring Your Home Up to Code?

Were you just slapped with some code violations upon inspection? Does your spouse just want some lighting upgrades in your home? Whatever the source of your electrical rewiring services may be, we are here to guarantee your 100% satisfaction with the job done. Your electrical system is completely dependent upon the wiring in your home. We’ll make sure that it lives up to this expectation. Be sure to schedule your electrical wiring services with our staff.

We Excel in Air Conditioning Services in Elmhurst, IL

You are going to need AC repair services at some point. When the time comes for an air conditioning replacement, who are you going to call? Whatever the situation may be, you can trust our technicians to help to cool your home effectively and efficiently. Air conditioning in this day and age is not a luxury: it’s a necessity. It’s also something that we can help to enjoy with minimal hassle.

We Install and Service Many Different Heating Systems

When the temperature outside drops, are you going to be ready to heat your home effectively and efficiently? When you schedule your heating services in Elmhurst, IL with us, you will be. You need to know that your heater will consume fuel safely and heat your home with dependable results. When we install and service your home heating system, you’ll need have no doubt about it. Let our staff help you to keep warm and cozy throughout the winter season.

We Can Handle Your Furnace Repair and Replacement Services Properly

Are you looking for a new furnace? We can install a brand new furnace in a newly constructed home, or handle your furnace replacement in Elmhurst, IL. Furnaces are always a popular heating option among homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. When you have a properly sized, professionally installed furnace on your property, you are going to heat your home efficiently and effectively.

There are Many Different Water Heaters to Choose From

Tank water heaters are the old standby. Tankless water heaters allow for greater efficiency. Heat pump water heaters utilize heat pump technology in order to utilize existing heat when heating water for use throughout your home. Choosing the right water heater is hard enough. Let us guarantee that you not only have the right system in your home, but that it functions precisely as it ought to. We offer water heater installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

Generators Can Make Homes More Convenient and Comfortable

Has the power ever gone out at your house? Has the power outage ever lasted for a considerable amount of time? With a whole–house generator, you can protect yourself and those living with you from the many inconveniences of an extended power outage. Whole–house generators are hardwired into your home’s electrical system. Schedule your generator services with us to keep your home up and running when the power goes out.

Indoor Air Quality May Suffer for Many Different Reasons

There are a lot of problems that may plague your indoor air quality, including low humidity levels and excessive airborne pollutants. The good news is that our indoor air quality technicians can help. Whatever it is that is dragging down the indoor air quality in your home, we’ve got the solutions that you need to resolve the issue. Contact a member of our team today to schedule the installation of a whole–house humidifier, an air purifier, or whatever else you may need to breathe cleaner air in your home.

We Employ Great Commercial HVAC Technicians and Electricians

There is absolutely no reason as to why your commercial property should be any less comfortable than your home. The fact of the matter, though, is that any commercial property owner is going to have way too much on his or her mind to be concerned with these details. That is why you should entrust your commercial HVAC and electrical services to us. Our commercial electricians and HVAC technicians are trained and equipped to handle any type of service that you may need.