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Are you serious about protecting your comfort and convenience should the power to your home cut out? Do you want to ensure that you are able to heat your home not only effectively and reliably, but efficiently as well? Whatever it is that you need to do so, you can count on our technicians and electricians to do the job right. Brilliant Home Services has made a name for itself over the years, and you’ll experience the reasons for this firsthand when you schedule your air conditioning, heating, and generator services in Evanston, IL with our staff.

Hire Our Electricians for All of Your Electrical Service Needs

Not only are the electricians on our team some of the finest in the industry, but we are also a certified lightning specialist by Harger Lightning and Grounding. What that means is simple: you can trust us to keep your electrical system operating properly, and to ensure that your lightning protection system is top of the line. Settle for nothing shy of a truly great performance from your residential electrical system.

Do You Need Electrical Rewiring Services?

There are many situations in which electrical rewiring services may be necessary. Perhaps code violations have been discovered on your property, or you are simply interested in lighting upgrades. Whatever the case may be, we guarantee that we’ll complete your electrical rewiring services properly. That way, you can use electricity safely and reliably in your home.

How Is Your Air Conditioning System Performing?

You really need to have a dependable air conditioner in Evanston, IL. Even the best air conditioners, though, are subject to the occasional operating problems. That is why we not only offer outstanding air conditioning installation and replacement services, but air conditioning repair and maintenance as well. Routine maintenance is a must if you want to keep your system operating as reliably as possible. Eventually, though, you will need AC repairs. When you do, we are the professionals that you can count on to get the job done right, from start to finish.

Heating Is a Top Priority

Our winter weather can be pretty intense in this part of the country, which is why you cannot afford to take any chances with your home heating system in Evanston, IL. When you schedule your heating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services with us, you’ll never have to. Our heating technicians will make sure that you have the right heater in place for your home and personal user preferences. Call today to learn more about the systems available for installation in your house.

Call for Furnace Repair and Replacement

The furnace is always a favorite among homeowners looking to effectively heat their homes. Just remember that even the best furnaces on the market have limited lifespans. Scheduling prompt furnace repair at the first sign of trouble will help to minimize the risk of serious damages to your heater. However, you will need to schedule furnace replacement eventually. Contact us when you do.

Water Heaters Work Hard Each and Every Day

The water heater that provides you with the hot water that you need in order to live hygienically and conveniently is undoubtedly one of the hardest working of the appliances in your home. If you want to guarantee that your water heater is able to do its job with the exceptional results that you deserve, schedule your water heater services with us. We offer a few different types of systems for installation, and we’ll work with you to guarantee your 100% satisfaction with your new water heater.

Generators Protect Comfort and Convenience during Power Outages

You may have used a portable generator at some point. These systems are helpful when you just need to power a couple of tools or some equipment for a tailgating party. If you really want to keep your home up and running when the power to your house goes out, though, you are wise to invest in a whole–house generator in Evanston, IL. With an automatic standby generator, you won’t even have to be at home in order to activate your generator when the power does go out.

We Can Protect Your Indoor Air Quality

Are you 100% satisfied with the quality of the air in your home? If not, why do something about it? You can, when you have the right IAQ systems in place and have them installed and serviced by qualified professionals. Call us to be certain of it. We install and service humidifiers, air purifiers, and other systems designed to help you to attain and maintain great indoor air quality throughout your living space.

Our Commercial HVAC Technicians and Commercial Electricians Are Here for You

It can be difficult to keep a commercial property comfortable throughout the entire year, and the electrical demand in commercial properties can be really incredible. If you want your commercial heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems to function precisely as they ought to, then you are going to need to schedule your commercial HVAC and electrical services with experienced, qualified professionals. Dial our number to do so. Whatever you may need, our commercial HVAC technicians and electricians are guaranteed to have the tools, training, and expertise to provide you with the appropriate solutions.