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Brilliant Home Services started in business in 1956 to offer homes and small businesses in Niles, IL and the surrounding areas with high quality heating, cooling, and electrical services. We’ve been working hard at this job ever since, and we take pride in seeing that our customers are always satisfied with our work. Our services cover a large amount of territory, from small electrical tasks such as installing GFCI outlets, to extensive new air conditioning system installations for commercial buildings. Our technicians are trained, on–time, and know how to find solutions to your problems.

Our Electricians Are Here to Help You in Niles, IL

The term "electrical services" covers many different types of jobs, and Brilliant Home Services is your one–stop shopping location for all of them. Among the many home electrical services we provide our customers are ceiling fan installation, whole–house surge protection, new outlet installation and relocating, new electrical panels and electrical panel repair, and appliance hook–ups. We also handle special services for indoor and outdoor lighting. We’re a certified lightning specialist by Harger Lightning. All our electricians are licensed and will place your family’s safety as their #1 concern.

Quality Electrical Rewiring Services

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s older electrical wiring for greater capacity or safety, then we’re the electricians you should call for the job. We also offer safety inspections and corrections for electrical code violations. Our electricians are also experienced with providing excellent services for lighting upgrades, such as recessed lighting, LED lights, dimmers, switches, automated security lighting, and more.

Better Air Conditioning for Better Living!

When the summer heat starts to climb toward the 90s, you don’t want to worry that your air conditioning won’t be able to do its job. Whenever you’re concerned about your cooling system, you can call our technicians for AC repair, or even a full air conditioning replacement: we’ll make sure you get the job you need done—and done on time! The air conditioning specialists at Brilliant Home Services also handle new system installation, including ductless mini splits, as well as the regular maintenance that will give you peace of mind each summer in Niles.

Are You Looking for Professional Heating Services?

You never want to enter a winter in Niles, IL without a dependable and powerful heating system for your home. Brilliant Home Services is here to make sure that your household is always prepared for whatever the winter weather might hurl at you. We install furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless heating systems, and our repair experts are available for 24/7 emergency work whenever you run into a heating troubles. Call us today and sign up for regular maintenance so you’re always ready for the cold.

Furnace Repair and Replacement Services When You Need Them

Furnaces are an incredibly common type of heating system, and that’s because they are reliable and can deliver an immense amount of warmth—enough for any Illinois winter. If you want a new furnace installed in your home, or you want your current one repaired or inspected and tuned–up, then call our team. We provide same–day service, today and on–time.

Contact Us for Service for Water Heaters of All Types

The standard type of water heater is the familiar storage tank model. If this is the kind that delivers hot water to your home’s faucets, shower heads, and appliances, then you can trust to Brilliant Home Services whenever you need repairs or maintenance for it. However, we’re also proud to offer installation and comprehensive services for other water heater types, such as the energy efficiency tankless water heater and the flexible heat pump water heater. Put your confidence in us for water heater services in Niles and we won’t let you down.

Interested in Whole–House Generators?

Losing the power to your home for a few hours or a few days can be a miserable experience. It may even be a life–threatening one if there are household members who depend on powered medical equipment. You can protect your family with a whole–house generator that will provide back–up power for essential appliances and lights. Brilliant Home Services will see that you have the right type of generator in Niles, IL to take care of your requirements, and we’ll provide regular maintenance and any repairs as well.

We’ll Help You with Better Indoor Air Quality

Low indoor air quality is an increasing problem in homes today as the amount of fresh air that regularly enters them dwindles to almost nothing. But there are solutions, such as installing air purifiers and air filtration systems. Who can you trust with these jobs in Niles, IL? Brilliant Home Services of course! We have a long history of helping improve residential indoor air quality. Along with purifiers and filters, we also install humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV germicidal lights, and seal up and repair ducts so they don’t negatively affect your home’s air.

Need a Commercial HVAC Technician or a Commercial Electrician?

If so, then all it takes is a call to Brilliant Home Services. We have commercial HVAC experts who can assist with cooling and heating loads 10 tons and below, and our commercial electricians can provide you with rewiring and lighting upgrades and almost any other service you may require. We’re a family–owned business, so we understand how important your own business is to you, and we’ll strive to surpass your expectations on every job we do for you in Niles, IL. We’re waiting to hear from you!