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Should I Have My House Rewired?

One of the big jobs that we perform for customers in Chicagoland is whole-house (as well as whole-business) rewiring. For older buildings, this is an important upgrade both for electrical capacity and for safety. Because of the scale of this task, you’ll want to know if it’s something that you really need done for your house. Below we’ve listed ways to determine if you should arrange for rewiring. Should you have any doubts, you can always give our expert electricians a call. They’ll be able to tell if you need rewiring, panel replacements, etc., and to what extent.

How to tell if you need rewiring for your house

  • House age: Is your home more than 30 years old? If it is, has it had any major upgrade to its electrical system during that time? If it hasn’t, then the aging of the wiring system as well as the increase in electrical consumption makes rewiring a smart idea. Over just the last decade, the amount of electricity used in homes has increased significantly, and the old wiring may not be able to handle this.
  • Noticeable capacity overload: If your house often deals with tripped circuit breakers or power outages, it’s a major warning that the electric system cannot handle the demand that modern appliances are placing on the electrical system.
  • Shocks from appliances, sockets, and switches: These are all indications that the wiring is going bad. It might come from a small wiring issue, but if these shocks are occurring throughout the house, you may be looking at a whole-house rewiring need.
  • Warm outlets and cords: Extra heating coming from your outlets and chords indicates strain on the electrical system that isn’t normal.

Please keep in mind that rewiring of any kind, whether small or whole-house, is not a DIY job! Only licensed electricians should attempt this.

To find out if you need rewiring, contact Brilliant Home Services. We serve Lincoln Park and the rest of Chicagoland.

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