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Frequently Asked Questions about Heating Maintenance

Last week we wrote a post about one of the most important services to schedule for a home in the fall: heating system maintenance. This is something that you must have done every year if you want to keep your heating system safe, energy efficient, long-lived, and at the lowest danger of experiencing a sudden winter breakdown.

Below we’ve addressed a few questions that people sometimes have regarding heating maintenance. If you have another question not covered here, feel free to call our technicians. They’ll be glad to help you!

  • “Does every type of heating system need maintenance?” No matter if you use a gas furnace, electric furnace, boiler, or heat pump for winter comfort, it must have annual maintenance. All systems undergo immense stress during the cold months, and it’s enough to do damage to them unless they are properly inspected and tuned-up annually.
  • “How long does maintenance take?” Not long at all. Most of the time, our maintenance technician will be in and out of your house in less than two hours. (You may need a follow-up repair service if the technician discovers anything wrong.) This is a small time investment when you consider how much protection it provides over the rest of the winter.
  • “Does maintenance pay back its costs?” Yes, it does—and does so quickly! Thanks to maintenance, you’ll avoid 85% of the repairs you might otherwise need to schedule. A well-maintained heating system also costs $33 less per month on average to run than a system that isn’t maintained. (This comes from studies by the U.S. Department of Energy.)
  • “Can I delay maintenance until winter?” You can… but you shouldn’t. It’s harder to arrange for a convenient maintenance appointment when HVAC technicians are busy on emergency heating repair calls. You’re also putting the system at risk of a breakdown early in the winter. Have the job done earlier so the heating system is ready for anything.

Call Brilliant Home Services for service in Glenview, IL and throughout Chicagoland. We have knowledgeable technicians that properly diagnose and repair the problem the first time.

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