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Ceiling Fan Services in Chicago, IL

When the weather outside is warm, but not so warm that you want to shut the windows and run your air conditioner, a ceiling fan is a hugely beneficial system to have available in your home. If you think that they should only be used in the summer, though, think again. Ceiling fans can benefit your comfort, and even your budget, all year long. Just remember that you really must schedule your ceiling fan installation with a qualified professional if you want to get the very best performance that it has to offer.

We recommend that you leave all of your ceiling fan services to the electricians on our staff. We know what we are doing when it comes to the installation, replacement, and repair of these devices. Like every other service that we offer, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you schedule your ceiling fan services in Chicago, IL with Brilliant Home Services.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Ceiling Fan?

During the summer season, you can help to keep everyone in your home comfortable by using your ceiling fan. No, it is not going to actually cool the air in the way that an AC does. However, it can help to create a bit of a wind chill factor, as well as to circulate cooled air throughout your home more effectively. This can allow you to comfortably raise the temperature at the thermostat a bit, in turn helping you to shave down your cooling costs. In the winter, you should still be using your ceiling fan. Locate the switch on the system that lets you reverse the direction in which the blades turn. Hot air rises, and the winter setting on your ceiling fan lets you force heated air back down into the living space.

Can’t I Just Install My Own Ceiling Fan?

While we know that there are a lot of capable property owners out there, we must advise you against attempting to install your own ceiling fan. There is just too much at risk with a subpar or amateur installation. You cannot fasten your ceiling fan to braces in your ceiling, for instance. You must have an appropriate fan box installed, to which the fan itself is installed. Plus, there is the matter of the electrical wiring. Any wired device truly must be installed by a qualified, experienced electrician. You can put the safety with which your electrical system operates at risk by attempting to wire something into it on your own.

Don’t Hesitate to Schedule Ceiling Fan Repairs

The ceiling fan may not be the most complex item in your electrical system, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that may go wrong with it. Frequently burnt out bulbs, excessive wobbling due to loosened fixtures, loud operational noises, and other issues all demand the level of expertise that only a professional electrical repair technician can offer. If you have any concerns about the operation of your ceiling fan, or if it has stopped working entirely and clearly requires professional ceiling fan repairs, be sure that ours is the number you dial. Whatever it is that has gone wrong with your ceiling fan, the pros on our staff will resolve the problem entirely.